ZIKGER was founded in 2014 out of love to femininity, fine quality and joy of life.

My name is Zichrini Ger, the designer behind all the clothes and colors. my way in the fashion industry began in a trip to India, that got a whole different twist, and I found myself living in Delhi and working for a big European clothing brand. For the next four years I’ve been working and travelling all over India, and most importantly- studying fashion industry from its roots- in the fabric bazars and Textile Factories, with well-known and beginning clothes designers, in the endless verity of designs, tends and desining philosophies. The turning point for me was when I met my partner in life, Yakir, who encouraged me to start my own line of clothes. And so, in 2014, my first design was born- our best seller ever since Lily dress.

Our clothes have excellent designs that flatter women’s body in all its types. It is important to us that the dresses will look great on every woman and every body type, which is why we have a huge selection of designs and sizes. A lot of thought was put into every design, thought about our need as women- most of the dresses are perfect for pregnancy and breast feeding, highlighting curves, and fit well with any Look. They are so versatile- equally appropriate for work, night out, maternity, or lounging al home.

We carefully choose the fabrics we work with, natural fabrics such as viscose and cotton. Our guide line for a fabric is that it should be good for the skin and for the environment (the print, of course, is good for the soul). Our prints require a lot of searching, endless (and fun!) walks in Delhi’s fabric bazars, with the goal is to find the most stunning prints to create a huge verity in which anyone can find the dress of her dreams. From simple elegant to bold and crazy- you name it, we’ve got it.

A lot of hard (and fun!) work was put into our brand to make it what it is today- a lot of thought, time, and most importantly love, was put into every design, fabric and print. And because we now and appreciate hard work, our values are above all:

The designs are made in the highest standards, in a safe working environment.

Our team is working 8 hours a day, in good conditions. We share the same values and trust each other completely.

We visit them at least twice a year (for 6 years now!) in order to maintain working and friendly relationships, to check the production process and make sure that everybody is working in the best possible conditions.

We are 100% involve in each and every one of our productions.

Above all, ZIKGER is made with love. Lots of it