ZIKGER was created for women with the values of empowering them, caring for their bodies, and allowing them to express themselves in the best possible way.

My name is Zicharini Ger, and I am the designer behind ZIKGER. My dream is to dress women to protect and accompany them through all stages of life - from their teenage years, through pregnancy and breastfeeding, and beyond, as our clothes know no age limits.

I believe that fashion enables us to express ourselves deeply and admirably, and I am inspired by everything in life - from my travels around the world to the streets of Tel Aviv, from the beach to the rich nature surrounding me.

At ZIKGER, you will find casual shirts and dresses suitable for everyday wear, as well as for evening events, business meetings, job interviews, successful dates, meetings with friends, lunch events, and trips abroad. The most exciting part is that you will receive compliments wherever you go.

My designs are tailored and precise, featuring lots of oversized cuts, buttons, and most importantly, pockets.

My ultimate goal is to empower women to be exactly who they are, who they want to be, and to take an equal place in the world ♥️

Our values:

Fixed prices: In simple terms - no sales, no promotions. Our friends enjoy a daily gift and celebrate the brand's birthday every year in July. Join the newsletter to stay updated.

Fair trade: Our collections are produced to the highest standards, and the working environment of our seamstresses is protected. Our team works 8 hours a day in pleasant and conducive conditions, with many becoming close friends who share our values. We make it a point to visit them in New Delhi at least once a year to maintain labor relations, supervise production, and ensure fair employment practices.

Sustainability: All our models are made from rescued fabrics - leftovers discarded by the fashion industry. Thanks to us, these fabrics return to circulation, becoming real treasures in our unique capsule collections.

Circular fashion: Our website features a successful second-hand marketplace, dedicated to exchanging items and keeping our clothes in circulation. Community members, some of whom have valuable ZIKGER collections, offer gently used items they no longer wear, helping us protect the planet, promote second-hand fashion, and support our community.

Together, we've created something mighty.